Understanding White Balance : WORKSHOP POSTPONED

Understanding White Balance : WORKSHOP POSTPONED

Understanding White Balance : Workshop postponed

A photographer needs to know how to identify natural color, un-natural color, & know what to do to correct the situation.

Regardless of the genre of photography, white balance is one of the key settings that a photographer needs to understand how to use, so as to achieve natural looking color straight from his or her camera.

The Understanding White Balance workshop will :

  • introduce attendees to white balance
  • highlight factors that lead to poor color during photography
  • train you on how to achieve natural color during photography, using basic & advanced white balance controls.
  • share survival skills as a beginner, & out on the field.

This workshop is designed for beginners & semi pro photographers.

workshop presenters

Gibs Commercial Product Photographer
Gibs is a commercial product photographer, & a photography tutor.

He has previously held a workshop dedicated to white balance, & it is out of this that request's arose for another workshop on the same.
Gibs is patient with his trainings & takes time to elaborate camera control's & get photographer's achieving better quality on their photography.

John Wambugu
John Wambugu FilmMaker / Photographer
John is a fellow of the Mohammed Amin Foundation. His works have been nominated & awarded several photography & film awards.
He has travelled around Africa working for various organizations, & also conducting workshops as a certified Canon trainer.

More Information on this Workshop

DATE : to be confirmed
TIME : to be confirmed
To be confirmed…

For the best workshop & learning experience, carry your camera with at least one lens, a charged battery, a little memory card space for practical session, a writing material or typing gadget.
All workshops commence on the specified time. Late comer’s will not be awaited for.

The workshop fee is non refundable. It is transferable to another attendee, but not transferable to another workshop.

In the case where workshop cannot take happen or continue at the stated date & time due to totally unavoidable circumstances or acts of God, the event organizer’s will schedule for another similar workshop, not later than a month from the date of the affected event.

Workshop organizers & venue management will put all measures possible to secure the workshop venue, but will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to attendees valuables. Hence, all workshops attendees are responsible of all their valuables.

2000 Ksh PP.

Inclusive of workshop printed material & evening tea during mingling session, after the workshop.

Keep time, note down all your questions regarding white balance, & come with a thirst to learn!

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