Our Types of Workshops

Our team organizes workshop's around Kenya, considering Kenyan photographer's need of knowledge, availability & level of skill.

Short Photography Workshops

These are 3hours photography workshops on technical or career mentorship topics.
They will feature :

  • convenient date for the targeted attendees.
  • easily accessible venues.
  • morning or afternoon sessions.
  • refreshments, tea and snack.

Full Day Photography Workshops

These are 8-10 hours workshop’s on technical topics. Carefully selected & well prepared modules focusing on specific areas of photography.

These workshop’s will feature :

  • convenient dates & easy access venues.
  • workshop printed material.
  • guided hands on practical sessions.
  • refreshments, tea & lunch.

Crash Courses & Boot Camps

These are 3-5 day long photography workshops, designed to suit photographers and enthusiasts seeking to acquire basic understanding or advancing their skill. These are a selected set of days to focus on their interest and passion in memorable photography boot camps.

For the best learning & experience, the attendees will be required to bring a specified minimum photography equipment.

The workshops will feature:

  • theory & exciting practical sessions.
  • fun activities & quiz challenges.
  • refreshments, meals and transport.
  • at secluded locations with accommodation facilities.

Countrywide Workshops

Our team is flexible to organize & host workshops on all regions of Kenya, & hence reaching photographer’s countrywide.

Workshops on Request

On request, our team will organize for customized workshops for photography groups, organizations, institutions, one on one training sessions.

These may be short, full day workshops, photography boot camps or crush courses.

Better Pixels Photography Workshops

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