(Coming Soon) Setting Up Your Studio : The Technical Aspects

(Coming Soon) Setting Up Your Studio : The Technical Aspects

by Gibs, 15/02/2020

Setting up your studio : the technical aspects

Setting up a studio can be a challenging venture to a photographer, that involves careful decision making after wide consultation & research.
One of the challenges comes in the technical aspects of the studio set up, in terms of : the ideal studio premise, equipment, editing suite, space management, & the general studio workflow that will eventually play a crucial role in the quality of photography & effectiveness of the studio business-wise.

The start up tips shared will consider photographers with both tight & flexible budget, on-location studio, home studio or walk-in shop, & survival tips shared by the experienced Kenyan photographers.

This workshop is designed for beginners & semi pro photographers intending or considering setting up a studio in the near future, or those looking for ideas on improving their existing studio.

workshop presenters

Gibs Product Photographer
Gibs has been a studio photographer since the year 2000, doing various kinds of portraiture. He has ran his own studio since 2008, overcame many challenges, & developed a brand from limited resources.

Gibs now specializes in product photography.

David Portrait, Weddings & Corporate Portrait Photographer
David is photographer & an entrepreneur, based in Kenya.

His photography journey has been as an inspiration to many photographer's, & has a wealth of wisdom in the photography business & industry.

More Information on this Workshop

DATE : to be confirmed soon
TIME : to be confirmed soon
BPPW Photography Training Centre / Gibs Photography Studio.
135 BTL Estate, Ruiru-Kamiti Rd, opp Bidco Industrial Park.
Call 0708 739020 for driving or javing directions.
Please carry a writing material & pen, or a gadget for typing. In the course of the presentation, lots of star-up tips & survival tricks will be shared by the experienced workshop presenters.

Kindly note down all the technical questions in relation to technical aspects on setting up a studio, and the pro’s will discuss on them.

The workshop fee is non refundable. It is transferable to another attendee, but not transferable to another workshop.

In the case where workshop cannot take happen or continue at the stated date & time due to totally unavoidable circumstances or acts of God, BPPW will schedule for another similar workshop, not later than a month from the date of the affected event.

Workshop Fee to be confirmed soon

Inclusive of refreshments, tea and snack.

  • keep time
  • note down all your questions regards setting up your studio
  • come with a thirst to learn!

This workshop is not yet open for booking.

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